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The Darwin Agency was created around a single concept:  help businesses succeed by cutting away unnecessary marketing fat.  What does that mean exactly?  It means managing your company's leads as if they were gold.  It means tying multiple objectives to your advertisements.  It means taking a good hard look at how your business is perceived by the marketplace.  It means giving your target market exactly what they are asking for.  It means holding every single one of your marketing dollars accountable.

The Darwin Agency is able to achieve all of this and more for your business by applying “The Darwin Loop.”   

The Darwin Loop

The Darwin Loop

The Darwin loop is a simple way of visualizing how we will manage your company's marketing processes.  At The Darwin Agency, we believe in systemizing and measuring all marketing processes.  After all, what gets measured gets improved.  With this proven method, we can effectively manage campaign efficiency and return on investment, while at the same time working to reach your individual campaign objectives.  


The Darwin Loop is applied to the services listed below


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1. Marketing Plan Development
The Darwin Agency will develop a custom made marketing plan just for you.  Whether you're a start-up or a mature business, The Darwin Agency can offer your company the finest strategies, the best tools and the most competent vendors to make marketing your business simple.
2. Database Marketing Management
The Darwin Agency has extensive experience helping business tap into their most valuable resource; their very own customers.  Developing a strong database marketing system is the fastest way to grow the profitability of your company.  New clients, patients and customers are expensive.  The Darwin Agency helps our clients generate the highest lifetime value (LTV) from their client base.  People who have tried your product or service are more apt to buy from you again due to the simple fact that they already know you, hopefully like you, and trust that you will deliver what you've promised.  You've heard the expression, “Breaking up is hard to do.”  The same applies in a business relationship.  If you treat your clients well by offering a great product with great service, they will choose you over your competition time and time again.  Developing a budget specifically for marketing to your own database will help you realize an amazing return on investment.  It will become our mission to make sure that your customers know everything that you have to offer them.

  • Email Marketing:

    Email marketing is one of the best means by which to communicate a timely, cost effective, visually appealing message to your database.  The Darwin Agency will take charge of the ongoing email campaign process; creating relevant, well-written copy that will keep your customers coming back over and over again!

  • Mobile Marketing Management

    Text Message Marketing (SMS) represents one of the most modern, cost effective means by which to communicate with your customer base or prospects.  It's quickly becoming regarded as a necessary direct marketing tactic used by many savvy marketers. 

    Once a consumer “opts in” to your campaign, you can send them a text message as a reminder of their upcoming dental appointment, or what band is playing in your bar this weekend, or what promotion you're running at your car dealership next week.  You can even text message electronic coupons that can be brought to your business via their mobile device.  The possibilities are endless.

  • Direct Mail Management

    From your customer's point of view, there is nothing like receiving a personalized greeting card in the mail thanking them for their business.  Direct mail is an ideal medium when used in conjunction with other forms of database marketing, to make sure that your special event or promotion is really hitting home.  The Darwin Agency will take care of everything, including campaign development, advertisement design and communication/coordination with mail house.
3. Lead Generation Management
Effective lead generation management is one of the key marketing practices that can transform small companies into power houses.     Advertising's most basic objective is to create an appealing offer that eventually converts marketing dollars into a new sale.  The problem with traditional advertising techniques is that it's often difficult to know if your advertising dollars and efforts are working.  Therefore, many business owners give up too soon, or run the same old, ineffective ad too long.

Here is an example of a typical advertisement in the Sunday paper, “The Best Furniture with the Best Prices in Town.  Storewide Sale Ends This Weekend!”

In this example, the business owner will only be satisfied if someone drives to her store, refers to the advertisement that she just spent $2,000 on, and ultimately purchases some furniture.  This type of ad is difficult to track, and highly inefficient.

Effective advertising involves applying the adage, “sell the link, not the chain…”  The concept here is relatively simple: give the prospect something irresistible, highly valuable, and easy to respond to, in exchange for their information.  The objectives being: 1) build your database 2) market to your database 3) ultimately make a sale

Imaging taking that same ad and placing a beautiful leather couch in the center with a call to action directing the reader to “Text the word WINNER to 45698 and enter to win this couch!  All contestants, win or lose, will receive a $100 store credit instantly!”

Now, you're making the ad work for you by creating a call to action that is easy to respond to, valuable, and downright irresistible.  Anyone seriously interested in purchasing your furniture will text to receive the store credit.  They will be much more likely to visit your store toting the text message worth $100 that they saved to their cell phone.  But here's the best part, you can continue to market to these “warm” prospects as time goes on, greatly increasing the odds of them visiting your store and making that big purchase at some point in time.  All of this from the same $2,000 advertisement.

At the Darwin Agency, we have the tools, creative resources and know-how to create the “link” for your business.  Whether it is a compelling white paper, an educational video, or a free sample of your product or service, The Darwin Agency can develop the missing link to make you realize a return on your advertising!

4. Brand Management
Perception is everything; and how the marketplace perceives your brand can make or break your business.  The Darwin Agency has extensive experience helping businesses create or reinvent their brand.  Making sure that your company's image emulates quality, reliability and value can be hard work.  Better off leaving it to the pros.
5. Media Buying
Media Buying Service includes:
  1. Negotiation of rate:  Based on our relationships with all forms of media, The Darwin Agency has the ability to negotiate and lock down the best possible agency rate for all media chosen for our clients.  Unlike other agencies who collect commissions on media purchases, The Darwin Agency passes all savings along to our clients.  The Darwin Agency will not make commissions on any media purchased.  Furthermore, monthly and quarterly reports will be provided, revealing the total dollars saved by working with The Darwin Agency.
  1.  Consolidation of Vendors:  For many business owners, having to spend time with dozens of vendors can seriously cut into their daily/weekly productivity.  The Darwin Agency understands that time is money.  With The Darwin Agency as your marketing partner, you will only have to communicate with one marketing representative no matter how many advertising vehicles you choose.  The Darwin Agency will coordinate print and production deadlines on a continuous basis.  We will be responsible for submitting any production changes in a timely manner to the appropriate media's production department.  

  2. Expert Advice:  It would be our pleasure to offer our assistance in the actual concept and development of campaigns within your chosen media (if our advice is requested).
6. Social Media Marketing Management

There has been a shift in the way that businesses look and listen to their customers.  Recognizing the struggles inherent of an increasingly competitive marketplace, intelligent businesses adopt a consumer-centric approach to running and marketing their business.  This shift in marketing is similar to the shift seen when mankind discovered that the earth wasn't in the center of the solar system; the sun was.  All of Earth's life and energy is derived from this central source.  The same logic and respect should be applied towards your customers.  Using the following social media, we will be able to open and maintain a constant communication channel with your life-blood.  This marketing strategy is not for companies with big egos.  It's for companies who are able to move quickly in another direction if the market calls for them to do so.  It's for companies who will remove or add a menu item by popular demand.  It's for companies who will chip away at their initial design until they reveal the ideal product that their customer's desire.

  1. Blog 
  2. Myspace
  3. Facebook
7. Creative Design
The Darwin Agency works with some of the finest graphic designers in South Florida.  Our designers will assure that your ideas are effectively, professionally and beautifully communicated to your target market.
8. Copywriting
Compelling white papers, well written website copy and carefully crafted ads are powerful tools that let your prospects and customers know that they're dealing with the RIGHT company.  Fly past your competition by making an impact where it matters most.  All of our copywriters are also highly trained salespeople who understand that the main purpose of everything they create is to move prospects along the sales process.  Trust The Darwin Agency with communicating your message effectively.
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